Climb On! is here to educate, motivate and challenge the newly diagnosed MS patient.  To be the 'guide' to all things MS.  To advance the forward steps to those just learning they have this disease by way of building a community, educational programs and scholarships.


  • Every week 200 new cases of Multiple Sclerosis are diagnosed in the United States. 
  • 2.5 million people currently live with this chronic disease across the globe.  


Wendy Booker is the force and founding Executive Director behind this 501C3 Foundation that was brought to life in early 2015. The mission of this organization is driven by Wendy’s passion to enhance the forward steps and momentum of those individuals who have been newly diagnosed with this life changing chronic disease.  

How a patient comes to terms with their diagnosis will determine how they deal with the disease for the rest of their lives. Wendy was diagnosed with MS in 1998. Since then? She has climbed all 7 of the worlds' highest mountains as well as conquered the North and South Pole. She takes her message of strength to live a full, rewarding and active life as well as Empowering others who live with MS.


1) Patient Advocacy Program at the Diagnostic Level.  Building a community for the newly diagnosed to get answers, meet others, discuss options and relieve some of the fear.

2) Provide a Voice for Physicians and Health Care Providers treating Multiple Sclerosis.  Due to the current health care system, a physician often has limited time with a patient. Climb On! is working with health care providers; listening to their concerns, helping and educating them as they care for those of us with MS.

3) Inspire Audiences to share their unique message of Education and Hope.  Climb On! will provide an educational "Summit"  program through out the country.  There will be a leading MS physician, care provider or social worker and Wendy Booker to meet you in person, answer your questions and start you on your path.

4) Sponsorship Program to provide the financial means for a patient who lives too far from a national MS Center to be able to travel to a leading center twice a year with their care partner to receive the best medical attention otherwise not available in their area.


Over the course of the last 17 years, since Wendy was first diagnosed with the disease, she has seen over and over countless situations (hers included) where the newly diagnosed MS patient simply didn’t know where to turn.  Questions such as how to best work with the medical staff, what to tell their family and loved ones, and probably most important: how to fully live out their life and fulfill their hopes and dreams with the disease.  

Often they can be bombarded with information given by well meaning friends, potential caregivers, confusing and often inaccurate online resources, medical personnel and some MS organizations that have been founded along the way.  Without the one-on-one assistance it can be beyond overwhelming and way too many patients loose hope and/or don’t get the required help, allowing the disease to progress needlessly.  

With that said, there will be no medical advice given, nor exact therapy suggestions - only information shared on the best resources to serve as the connection between doctor and patient. We reinforce the value of a good relationship between neurologists and the enormous benefits of the Disease Modifying Therapies (DMT) that are available. The advocate will give hope and many real life examples of others who have lived a full and fulfilling life with MS. Proper follow-up is also essential to insure long-term patient success.  

While Wendy went to extremes running marathons, climbing the 7 Summits of the world, as well as the North and South Poles she is acutely aware of the effort required for some of her fellow MS patients to just get out of bed every morning.  These people desperately need help and inspiration!

Her path was certainly not cut out for the life on a glacier at 23,000 feet on the side of a mountain or crossing the polar plateau on skis or mushing with dogs. All of which tested her physically and mentally. She did it with joy, coming away from these endeavors a very different person. A person with the firm resolve to change the perceptions of what MS looks like and offer hope to the newly diagnosed MS patient.

In other words,  Climb On!  is not looking to replace what is already there, it is to enhance and make well known what is currently available.  The foundation's goal is to be that intermediary between the patient, healthcare provider, and the many MS organizations available.


The Climb On! Foundation is not only passionate about providing a voice for the newly diagnosed MS patient, they also partner with healthcare providers who often are frustrated by the lack of time afforded to them at the point of diagnosis.   

Today’s healthcare systems, driven primarily by insurance company restrictions, do not allow for doctors and healthcare providers to spend as much time with the patients as they need or the providers would like.  There is no time to fully explain the inner workings of the disease and all the options available to the patient moving forward.  The relationship between the healthcare provider and MS patient is crucial as this will be a life time relationship.

The Climb On! Foundation works directly with the healthcare providers to openly discuss the issues they face in caring for the MS patient and their families. This not only aids the healthcare provider to better understand the MS patient, but strengthens the relationship between the provider and patient.

With the Climb On! Foundation as an advocate for the physicians and medical personnel treating MS, Wendy and eventually other trained advocates are then able to meet in the hospitals and MS Centers to share the best practices for the newly diagnosed who have been “shell-shocked” by hearing the neurologist’s frightening words, “You have Multiple Sclerosis.” 


For the past 15 years Wendy has been inspiring countless audiences both large and small around the globe, sharing her story and her ongoing quest to rise above her initial MS diagnosis.  

Over the course of Wendy’s journey she has continuously connected within the MS community and other organizations. Now comes the next stage of the journey that takes that mission even higher! To share how the MS patient can 'navigate' the diagnosis and connect them with the many organizations within their own local community and nationally that were created to make their disease something they could in fact live with every day.  

In conjunction with this Wendy provides positive actions and ways for potential growth during the meeting with the medical personnel and the newly diagnosed patient. In-depth time is spent in person at the MS Centers and neurologist’s offices, followed by educational programs for the medical staff of all the newly diagnosed within the practice. The relationship does not end there. Get online and gain insight with inspirational blog posts, webinars, email, and phone calls as needed.  

The educational programs offered to both the patient and healthcare providers will offer national speakers, physicians, educators, social workers, psychologists, nurses and others dealing directly with the MS patient.

As the foundation grows, Wendy will continuously solicit to the foundation’s growing network of the treating neurologists in a given area to suggest and elect positive role models within their practice who will serve as ambassadors for the foundation and newly diagnosed patient moving forward.

Provide a "scholarship" for a ms patient

Climb On! wants to see Multiple Sclerosis patients receive the best possible care and treatment.  We will provide a 'scholarship' to enable a patient and their care partner, who live in a remote region, to travel to a top tier MS Center for care twice a year. 

Learn more about the Climb On! Summit

Help make climb on! A SUCCESS!

The foundation has the leadership and guidance of Wendy Booker as a full time Executive Director.  In that role, Wendy operates the foundation headquarters from a small office in the Boston, Massachusetts’s area.

The foundation primarily utilizes the Climb On! Advocate Volunteer Team, Executive and Medical Advisory Boards, several part time employees and college interns.

Climb On! is a success due to Wendy Booker’s past 16 years in the field working directly with MS patients, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies.  She has created many valuable relationships within the medical and pharmaceutical world that are used to benefit patients and physicians alike. 

By tapping into the valuable resources already available and connecting the many MS organizations, The Climb On! Foundation assists in navigating the future for the newly diagnosed MS patient. The efforts of this organization are working to fill the gap between diagnosis and a clearer, brighter future for the MS patient.  

Climb On! is driven by the reality of how quickly a patient comes to terms with their illness will directly impact them for the rest of their lives.