Dusting off the Cobwebs

ride with MS

So last week I wrote about “This Bike Has MS”.  Now I am contemplating riding in a Bike MS event in Citrus County, FL in three weeks.

I love the Bike MS tours.  I love the entire concept of forming a team, showing your team pride, raising valuable funds for MS and MS research.  Riding a well planned route with awesome rest stops, food and incredible people participating and volunteering to make the event safe and successful.

I have lost count as to how many Bike MS rides I have done except the last time I rode a bike they were still called the MS 150.  Okay so it’s been awhile.

I was asked if I was available to speak at the Citrus County ride last fall. I was thrilled!  Riders are a great audience. Riders riding for a cause even better. Riders riding for someone with MS is the best!  So I enthusiastically agreed to speak and possibly, in passing, mumbled that I would love to ride as well as speak.

But that was in September!  I have plenty of time to train!  Right?  Wrong!  My bike is still hanging from the rafters in the basement covered in cobwebs.  The tires are flat.

And now here it is May!!  Three weeks and counting.

I called the ride organizer and told her I was all set to speak but that I just had to bow out of actually riding, too busy.

Now this was going to be a problem.

There is a contest. 

The team that raises the most money for Multiple Sclerosis gets to have Wendy Booker, Climb On! riding on their team! 

“How disappointing for that team”, the organizer told me.

It’s going to be ugly.  It’s going to hurt.

Think about it.....isn’t this just like MS?  Sometimes we are ready, willing and able.  Sometimes we are caught off guard.  Sometimes we don’t have the energy or feel like it.    Sometimes we are going to let ourselves and others down.

And sometimes we just have to make it happen. It all starts with that first step.

I better go down to the basement and blow the cobwebs off my bike. Will you join me?

Ride On!

- Wendy

Wendy Booker
Author, Speaker, and Life Adventurer
Founder of the Climb On! Foundation