if you have recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS)

1. Find a Neurologist

  • Who you like.

  • Who you can talk to openly and honestly.

  • Who specifically treats people with MS.

  • If you aren’t sure about the neurologist, ask other people in your area with MS who they like.

  • Do not stay with a doctor who makes you feel uncomfortable or is negative in giving you hope for the future! 
  • Find an MS Center.  An MS Center is all inclusive to treat MS.  They only see MS and often have research and trials available.  If you do not have a center near you consider traveling to one in a major metropolitan area.  

2. Find a Community of Support

  • To find a local support group, ask your doctor’s office if there is one in your area.
  • If you go to that group and it is negative, scary, and people you have nothing in common with, don’t stay!
  • Find a group of positive, educated, like-minded people with MS who can become lifelong friends. 
  • No support group like that in your area? Climb On! will help you form and build one.
  • Share your story with us

3.   Get on a therapy!

  • You have choices in therapy.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter which therapy you choose.
  • If you start therapy and you don’t like how you feel or if it gives you side effects, then switch to something that makes you feel better!

4. Live a Rewarding Life

  • Be the best you can be with and for MS.
  • Know that you have the power within you to make choices.  
  • Get educated and make smart choices.  
  • Don’t listen to the negatives - seek out your own path!  

A Message From Our Founder

Wendy Booker - Founder of Climb On!

Wendy Booker - Founder of Climb On!

In the climbing world, the last thing communicated between climbers, when all systems are go, you are ready, prepared and confidant is "Climb On!"

I have noticed in all my years with MS that there is this huge hole in the process around the diagnosis of this disease. The newly diagnosed are bombarded with information (including misinformation) and in the shock of just hearing the words, "You have Multiple Sclerosis" aren’t hearing or absorbing any of it.  They are scared, confused and vulnerable with no place to turn, let alone feeling they can have any sort of “normal” life again.    

This is exactly why I am climbing my newest mountain in creating the Climb On! Foundation. We are the guide and trail blazer to all things MS. We are here to answer your questions, connect you to the many opportunities and options in the MS community, to build an online community and to help you become your own best advocate - to create a positive and informed quality of life.

We are here to get you answers. To connect you with other MS Organizations; to work alongside them as we help to guide you along the way.  To connect you with someone around the corner or across the country who is similar to you.  We want to encourage you to form a Bike MS team for the newly diagnosed and ride and raise funds for the National MS Society. We want to inform you about the MS Foundation and MS Centers throughout the country and encourage you to seek out their medical help and opportunities. The ideas and options are endless.

Every step of our journey has a variety of twists and turns. Okay, you or someone you love has MS. For this I am truly sorry.  I wish I could take the disease away, but I can’t. What I can do and the reason Climb On! has been created, is to give hope and empower you with real world antidotes and people.

I want to be on the other side of that doctor's door when you learn you have MS. I want to show you a positive face, teach you your options and help you live a positive and rewarding life.

I know you are scared. I have been there myself, but the truth is that fear is just part of the process. All I wanted to do when first diagnosed was to curl up in a fetal position, lie on the couch, eat candy and watch Oprah. But through the right neurologist, support, and MS disease modifying therapy I was eventually able to run marathons, climb the world's 7 tallest mountains and reach the North and South poles! 

Over the course of my journey I have been blessed to know many others who are the face of MS that have gone on to have babies, careers, go back to school, lead companies. Know that the fear, isolation, and vulnerability you feel right now will eventually fade as you regain confidence in your body and spirit. When you realize that you are successfully able to cope and handle this disease, you will be amazed by what you can do! You can seek your own adventures and journey with MS!

We are here to educate, motivate, and challenge you to live a rewarding life with MS.

The view from the top is incredible. Climb On with us!    

- Wendy

Wendy Booker
Author, Speaker, and Life Adventurer
Founder of the Climb On! Foundation